Rusty back home after a 1600km runaway trip


by Judith Van Duinen

Posted on January 18, 2018

Rusty back home after a 1600km runaway trip


The traveling terrier RUSTY  will be reunited soon with his beloved family in Goondiwindi after he drove more than 1500kms across Australia. It is all thanks to a pet removalist who has offered to return him from South Australia for free.

The dog ended up 1600km across Australia after he hitched a ride by a truckie from Goondiwindi to Snowtown.

Mr. Scudamore’s parents were watching the three-year-old Rusty when the family was off to enjoy their holiday in Caloundra.

Rusty was sucking away and ran for the highway where he managed to stowaway in the carriage of a truck. The truck was headed for Snowtown.

It was not the first time that Rusty was running away. The last time that the family went away he was hitchhiking to Chinchilla for a whole weekend.

The family decided to bring him on any future holidays with them, so this may be Rusty's last runaway adventure.


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