Man climbs Mount Everest in a wheelchair


by Judith Van Duinen

Posted on April 10, 2018

Man climbs Mount Everest in a wheelchair

Scott Doolan left a tragic accident. The 28-year-old man from Newcastle has completed an incredible 65-kilometre trek up Mount Everest.


It is not easy to climb the Mount Everest.


Doolan, a paraplegic, you might think that everything would be against him. He made it to the foot of the world’s highest mountain following an incredible 10-day journey with minimal assistance.  


Scott navigated the trek from 65-kilometre by using a custom-made wheelchair and a technique which he called “wheelbarrowing”, crawling on his hands while somebody held his ankles


 “I was struggling to breathe (when I reached base camp) because I was walking on my hands but I just remember looking up and seeing a crowd of about 20 people,” he told AFP.


“Once I actually got there, they all started cheering and that was pretty damn humbling.”

The journey generally will take between nine to 12 days.


Doolan never thought that he would be able to climb the mountain.


 “My first thought was no way, impossible, I can’t do that,” Mr Doolan had said.


“However after thinking about it and talking it through with the team, I thought why not, what better way to challenge myself and influence others to rise above doubt than to climb the biggest mountain in the world.”


Scott had a severe motorcycle accident when he was 17. It left him paralysed from the waist down.


He fell in love with fitness during the darkest days of his life. Fitness was an inspiration to climb the Mount Everest and to raise awareness for mental health.


For 2020 he has set his mind to competing as a swimmer during the Tokyo Paralympics.


Doolan shows with these actions that anything is possible if you are determined.

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