Great news: just living peacefully is a reason to be happy


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on July 26, 2021

Great news: just living peacefully is a reason to be happy

I remember when I was in primary school, my Social Science teacher used to tell us interesting anecdotes. He once mentioned there was a popular saying, "No News is Good News".

Well, it makes sense every time I watch the News on TV, or read a newspaper, they tell so much bad news! My mood is rarely better after watching or reading them. Many bad things happen in the world, indeed.

However, there are so many other good news happening every day! I wonder why we do not get to know most of them.

That is how the idea of this online newspaper came up. Don’t take me wrong, you are free to keep getting informed by the media you wish. But for years we have been feeding this website with interesting and encouraging good news…

Something needs to be said, it is not that easy to find super-exciting news every single day. Well, that is at a global scale, because every day someone in some part of the world gets super-excited: they achieve a long-sought goal, graduate, meet an old friend, win the lottery, or a prize, travel to a new beautiful place, have a baby, get married (well, not sure about this one… haha! just kidding), and a long etcetera.

It would be impossible just to publish every single one of them! But they are there, happening, right now.

And what I have realised with the time, that is equally important, is that we don’t really need super-exciting news to be happy, or simply satisfied with our lives. Sure, it is really nice to get one at least from time to time. However, one can be happy just by living peacefully, with no serious problems. Especially, if you got a stimulating goal for your life, you have some kind of company (family, friends, partner) and you feel in control of your life, that is enough to live life happily, and those are, indeed, good news!

Notice that we all have the potential to be great, to reach challenging goals, to feel loved, and to live in a world to be proud of. Although, as the main author of the blog, I may not have the time to keep feeding it consistently, I will keep working on keeping myself happy and supporting others to do so.

What a beautiful world will be if most of us do that…

Let’s do it together!

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