India promotes the subject of Happiness in schools thanks to the Dalai Lama


by Rosa Ruiz

Posted on July 30, 2018

India promotes the subject of Happiness in schools thanks to the Dalai Lama

In the schools of New Delhi, 45 minutes will be devoted to games, meditation and debates around this concept.

The Dalai Lama presented the "curriculum of happiness", a subject for schools in New Delhi (India) that aims to bring the search for joy to the classroom and make young people develop skills such as empathy or self-awareness.

The new discipline, which will not have exams or notes, will incorporate into the school day 45 minutes of games, reflections, meditation and group discussions about happiness.

During the presentation, the Dalai Lama stressed the importance of young people being compassionate and that teachers be guides beyond saying "use this book or that other".

In addition, the spiritual leader of the Tibetans pointed to India as the only country that can mix modern education with ancient knowledge, and serve as an example to the rest of the planet to be able to "solve the destructive emotions of the world".

"What we need today in the world is education in values not based on religion, but on common sense and scientific knowledge," he said.

With this subject, aimed at some 800,000 primary school students, the Department of Education of New Delhi aims to increase the happiness of their children.

And is that the levels of welfare decrease while stress, anxiety or depression increase, noted on Twitter the regional minister Manish Sisodia.

"Happy children learn faster, think more creatively, tend to be stronger when faced with failure ... they have stronger relationships and make friends easily," Sisodia said.

India ranked 133 out of 156 countries analyzed in the 2018 World Happiness Report, produced by the United Nations, losing eleven positions over the previous year.

Vandana Gautam, a youth tutor in a school in southern New Delhi, said that children should be able to leave the "monotonous path" of traditional subjects and discover that happiness is "a way of life".

Something that will be easier to achieve with these activities that improve the connection between teachers and students and between their peers, in a way that improves their empathy and helps them to be happier.

"In the world of smartphones today, we are losing human contact. We have to become human again, "added his colleague Swati Valia, another elementary school teacher.


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