Incentives to Cycle to Work are Becoming Popular


by Sam Soilihi

Posted on May 30, 2019

Incentives to Cycle to Work are Becoming Popular

If you have already been to the Neatherlands, then you know how bikes are a big part of the landscape. And the numbers confirm it, they are the number one cyclers in the world. And they have a little secret for that

For every kilometre cycled, a dutch employee earns 0.20€ tax free, just like some people get paid for not using their car to commute. A great reason for biking everyday in addition to the fact that it is a healthy thing to do and that it avoids pollution.

Other countries have similar incentives, just like the UK which has a Cycle to Work Scheme which allows emloyees to have discounts from their employers when buying a bike. Belgium also has the same type of system.

Whereas in the small country of Luxembourg, a tax rebate of 300€ is available for those who want to purchase a bicycle and in France, a per-kilometre scheme for reimbursment was announced for next year. It could go up to 200€ per year at least for public employees and even more for private ones.

All these much needed incentives will help in the fight against humanity's greatest threat, which is global warming. It will encourage people to use less polluting means of transportation such as cars. Hopefully more countries will do the same.

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