Ice cream from special hands


by Ezgi Yilmaz

Posted on August 29, 2019

Ice cream from special hands

An ice cream shop in Dallas, Texas, had a special and precious idea which was "to employ people who have Down syndrome and autism".

Tom Landis, the company's founder, opened Howdy Homemade, the idea belongs to him. He facilitates work experience teens and adults with special needs.

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream has around 13 employees, ages 16 to 31, who all have special needs. It's a great opportunity to integrate them into the community.

"It just jumped out," Landis told WFAA-TV, about his idea. "What we wanted to do was to create a place — everything in the restaurant was designed for people with special needs to succeed. One knife, no fryer... And they get there on the front lines and they’re friendly. They are restoring friendliness to the hospitality industry."

Anne Marie Carrigan, a Howdy Homemade worker, said that she couldn't find any suitable job according to her skills and she started to think there is no place for her in the world.

But after meeting with Tom Landis, she is happy and she spends every day making 34 different flavors of ice cream with other employees.

There is always a place for everybody, the world is big enough. The most significant thing is not only finding a place. It's finding a place which is created only for you.

Workers told ABC News how much they truly appreciated the opportunity that Howdy Homemade had provided them.

"I think I've taught them how to work and they’ve taught me how to live," Landis told WFAA-TV.

In many countries, every company that reaches a certain number of employees, has to have at least 1-2 employees with special needs, it is required by law, but this place is only for them, that is why it is very unique.

We all have to be educated to help them and make this life easier for them to find their place which is exactly nearby us.

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