Companies All Over the World Fight Pollution


by Maria N. Selina Öc

Posted on May 3, 2019

Companies All Over the World Fight Pollution

The ocean pollution rises day by day. Until 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 25 % of the fish that gets eaten contains microplastic. The solution: Producing less plastic packaging. A lot of countries and shops realized this and invented opportunities. Here are a few examples:


New Zealand

The supermarket chain "New World" sells every fruit and vegetable not packed. By that, they save tonnes of plastic every year. Since they started banning plastic packaging in fruits and vegetables, the number of sales raised. Another advantage: When coming into the fruit sector, you can smell the tasty fruits.



A new Startup called "Spoontainable" invented a delicious replacement of single-use plastic spoons for ice. Made out of cacao fibers. Baked. 100% free of sugar and vegan. They contain a lot of dietary fiber. By using cacao fibers the company not only presents a solution for plastic-free ice spoons, but they also re-use the waste product of cacao production.



The "Saltwater Brewery"in Florida invented a new way of packaging for holding six-packs together. Instead of polluting the oceans and hurting animals by plastic holdings for six-packs, they found a different way. Their packaging is completely biodegradable (they consist of wheat and barley). Besides that, the packaging can be eaten by ocean turtle.



Due to the growing population in China, the waste problem is growing daily as well.  In China, they developed an intelligent system to prevent organic waste. How? By inventing farms which grow cockroaches. The cockroaches get fed by organic waste, they consume 50 tonnes of organic waste daily. When the cockroaches die, they get eaten by pigs and also they get used as a medicine against bowel diseases and respiratory diseases.



The company "evoware" invented a packaging that is biodegradable, made out of seagrass. The packaging can be eaten or used as biological dung for plants. Evoware buys and produces its seagrass directly at the local farms and by that improve the local economy. Seagrass can be cultivated all over the world because it can grow in almost every ocean. Another advantage: No forests need to be destroyed for producing the packaging.



Thailand is one of the biggest causes of plastic pollution with 1 million tonnes per year. That is not good news but this is: The supermarket chain "Rimping" in the north of Thailand replaced plastic packaging to banana leaves.



A branch of the supermarket chain "Thornton’s Budgens" in London is banning plastic packaging, Related to the product they use Paper, Glass, Metall, Wax or beech wood. In 10 weeks they changed the packaging of 1700 products and they are still developing.

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