Art Therapy Helps Children With Chronic Illnesses


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on February 7, 2019

Art Therapy Helps Children With Chronic Illnesses

It is hard for children who are diagnosed with a chronic illness to lead a normal life. These long-lasting illnesses could negatively impact the children psychically and mentally which leaves them in pain and with a variety of unexpressed emotions.

How art therapy helps children to cope with their chronic illnesses

Art therapy allows these children to express their emotions effectively and teaches them how to cope with their chronic illness and disabilities. The ASI Foundation funded Scotland’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children allowing the hospital to cooperate with Teapot Trust to introduce art therapy sessions for children to help them cope with chronic illness.

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children’s Art Therapy Program allows therapists to have private sessions with the diagnosed children. Art therapy sessions reduce stress and help children express their emotions in a positive way. Moreover, art therapy is a suitable therapy for children who suffer from trauma, phobias and anxiety. This therapy helps them overcome the emotions and issues they face.

These sessions help the therapists and the parents to have a better understanding of the emotions the children go through. The therapists get an insight through these sessions into the development of the children.

More hospitals introduce art therapy!

Other hospitals in India, Singapore and Australia followed the examples and started art therapy programs to help adults and children to cope with their complex emotions. Mental health hospitals and institutions have been using art therapy alongside music therapy and play therapy for people of different ages.


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