A new deal for Liverpool city would create thousands of jobs and homes


by Zoralys Rojas

Posted on August 1, 2019

A new deal for Liverpool city would create thousands of jobs and homes

Liverpool Council is submitting a huge £230m bid to government to move city in new directionPrincipio del formularioFinal del formulario. This deal is called “The Green City deal” and would aim to make Liverpool's economy grows and create 10,000 new jobs, according to official information.

If government approves this deal, in five years, Liverpool Council estimates that it will be possible to make the city become carbon-neutral while creating jobs, clean air, and build cheap-to-heat homes. No doubt, Liverpool will become in an attractive destination not only for visiting but also for living option.

The deal, also aims to create opportunities with skills education, which will allow workers like engineers, designers and installers of all ages being employed in new industries created by a greener economy and securing a sustainable city.

It´s a great example for other cities in Europe and all around the world which are establishing or applying policies to improve their sustainability and contributing to stop the climate change. It´s seems that everything begins with a strong political will.

If deal is finally approved by UK government, Liverpool city would have incentives for the private sector for more energy-efficient homes, by instance. The creation of a Liverpool Mutual Bank to help people on housing purchase. Also 6,000 lifetime standard homes would be built or retrofitted with energy saving features and there will also be energy generation and supply features such as solar panels, heat pumps and electric charging points where needed are some of the more relevant promises of this deal.

It also includes a proposal to use of driverless vehicles to link it to the city centre and alternatives to gas boilers which will not be permitted in new homes after 2025. To achieve this, the Mayor in his declarations insists that they need to be “bold, radical and ambitious”

If this dream comes true there is a huge opportunity for a government to improve the lives of all residents in this city and becoming a reference in UK and Europe. 

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