A lamp that illuminates 45 days with half a litre of salt water


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on September 24, 2021

A lamp that illuminates 45 days with half a litre of salt water

Colombian designer Miguel Mojica, based in Valencia (eastern Spain), in collaboration with the renewable energy company E-dina and with Wunderman Thompson Colombia, has created a lamp that generates light for 45 days using only half a litre of salt water. It can also recharge mobile phones and batteries with the clean and renewable energy generated.

This sustainable design, which is called Waterlight, has been awarded a Silver Cannes award, in the design category, and two bronzes, in innovation and social responsibility, at the Cannes Lions 2021 creativity festival in France.

How does it work? In the process of ionisation, an electrolyte formed by salt water causes a reaction, transforming the magnesium inside it into electrical energy.

As Miguel Mojica pointed out, it is estimated that around 840 million people in the world do not have access to electricity, and the Waterlight project can "illuminate the life" of the Wayúu community in Colombia, "to bring light to La Guajira, but also to spread to any place where it is necessary". "At night, they can continue with artisan production, fishing or the studies of the youngest."

Constructed from fully recyclable and resistant materials, the design of the Waterlight lamp is inspired by the Wayúu community and its traditional art, which represents fauna, flora and their connection with the sea.


Source: El Heraldo

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